Flood control specialist

2 l'Eau Protection : a flood protection and a chemical spill containment specialist.

Our mission : flood management and chemical spill containment.

2LP is a specialist engineering firm that provides a full range of professional flood protection ser- vices and can deliver a complete solution to flood management and chemical spill containment. We design, supply and install a wide range of flood defence protections and chemical spill containment products, together with a wide selection of associated professional and technical ser- vices for the success of your smart projects.  

Our key strengths : flood protection expert.

A full range of reliable products :

Since 2005, 2LP has become a leading actor in flood management and chemical spill containment in France. Our expertise is based on a wide range of systems that proved themselves worldwide.

A wide experience in the flood management and chemical spill containment fields :

As a renowned and respected player, 2LP took part in several european projects and some of our products are FM approved.

A dynamic and innovative company :

2LP has tested and selected the best devices in order to provide a full range of protections. When there is no solution on the market, our design/ engineering office creates it.

We invite you to discover our high quality, reliable and competitive range of products and services and to contact us to analyse your site. We are committed to supporting you and your project until the success of your risks mitigation plan.